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Student-Led Conferences/Book Fair/Science Fair

Please join us next Wednesday, March 8th from 4-7pm, as we celebrate our students' learning!

It has come time once again for parent-teacher interviews. The students will be showcasing their learning through student-led conferences, in conjunction with the Book Fair and Science Fair, rather than traditional parent-teacher interviews this term. When you come in, your child will demonstrate to you what they are working on and what they have learned. The benefit of student-led conferences is that students are accountable for what they have learned and are given an opportunity to be more involved. It also gives you an opportunity to witness your child’s learning in action. When you come in for student-led conferences, your child will be able to show you what they have learned in a variety of ways, which will include projects, games and experiments.

We look forward to seeing you and your child on March 8th!

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