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EPE NEWS - March

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SPERD Board Meeting Highlights - February- click here

March Newsletter Wellness:

Hello students, parents, and staff of EPE!! I’m hoping you had a wonderful February and were able to experience some outdoor time during the break. It was a nice stretch of days off to get recharged and refocused along with having some fun!

For February’s Wellness, we were able to get outside some of the days. Games of soccer, tag and even jump rope were played. It was so great for the students to be able to participate in extra movement breaks during their time of Wellness with me. These activities will continue into March.

Students from Grades 1,4,5 and 6 also decorated Valentine notes and envelopes for the residents at Heritage Lodge, Hospital patients and Parkview. A sense of pride and community was felt while working on this project, along with gratification as well!!

Hopefully the month of March will bring warmer weather and we can continue to get outside. Spring Break isn’t until the end of the month but here are some benefits of outdoor activity:

  1. Connecting with nature

  2. Burn off extra energy

  3. Develop muscle strength

  4. Increase creative thinking

As you can note, it is so advantageous to experience the outdoors!!

In closing, I wish you all a wonderful March and may we all stay healthy and joyous!!

Michelle Zarowny

Wellness Facilitator

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