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Free Parent Conference Announcement

Conference Announcement from the Institute of Child Psychology

We're thrilled to announce our inaugural 2023 Parenting & Children's Mental Health Summit, happening from November 14th to 17th.

This groundbreaking event is entirely FREE and brings together a diverse community of parents, professionals, researchers, and authors, all dedicated to exploring the science of parenting and fostering positive mental health in our children.


This Conference is For You If….

  • You are interested in the science of parenting. You’re curious about what attachment, emotional intelligence, psychology, and brain science can tell us about how to raise kids.


  • You have kids that are more sensitive, strong-willed, bright, or spirited than others (and sometimes the advice in “traditional” parenting sources just doesn’t work for you, or your child).


  • You want to raise kids who are resilient and empowered in today’s more complicated world. You’d like to raise strong, confident kids.


  • You strive to use effective alternatives to threats and bribes and want to address challenging behaviors with connection and communication (without passing on your own baggage).

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