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Wellness Facilitator  - Michelle Zarowny

Directors - Rob MacDonald (Principal)          Elaine Ziomek (FSLW)

About Elk Point Elementary School Ambassadors

The  Ambassadors program empowers students to believe in themselves, inspire confidence, and provide purpose all through volunteerism as well as proving that even the smallest contribution can have a might impact!


Students from Grades 4 to 6 participate in weekly meetings and when we go out to an event it is usually on a rotational basis (about 4 to 6 students per activity).


The Ambassadors meet weekly to discuss events we have participated in. The participating delegation tells the rest of the Ambassadors what they did, what they learned and if they enjoyed the experience. We then discuss what we will be doing at the next event and who would like to be a part of the delegation. If there is time left the Ambassadors like to hang out and spend time together getting to know each other.


This is our 5th year of Elk Point Elementary School Ambassadors, thanks again for support and funding from FCSS County of St. Paul and Elk Point. 



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