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Who We Are


Elk Point Elementary School is an ECS to Grade 6 School serving about 200 students each year. We have 13 certified staff and 16 noncertified staff providing services to students from the Town of Elk Point and the surrounding County of St. Paul. We offer a full educational program including Special Education services and counseling services for students in need. Our school focuses on creating a safe and caring learning environment that stresses high levels of student achievement. We have an active School Council and provide a wide range of cocurricular activities throughout the year.


Mission Statement


In partnership with parents and community, the Elk Point Elementary School values each student as a unique individual. Cooperatively, we strive to foster personal growth and learning that will enable our students to become self-reliant, responsible, caring, and contributing members of our society.




Elk Point Elementary School, in partnership with students, parents, and the community, strives to provide learning opportunities for students that will encourage them to grow to their maximum potential intellectually, socially, and culturally.




We believe:

  • Learning is life-long;

  • Parents are the primary educators with support from the school and community;

  • Individuals learn best in a safe, supportive, and caring environment;

  • All individuals have the right and responsibility to maximize their potential;

  • All educational decisions are learner-centered;

  • Education respects and reflects linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity.

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